A (New) Piece Of My Mind From "My Space".....

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 30 09:03:32 MST 2008


Sign in using your google account if you have one.  Get one if you 
don't.  It's free also.

John wrote:
> On Tue Dec 30 01:59:52 CST 2008, Jim  wrote:
>  > John as usual your stuff is well written.
> Thanks, Jim I appreciate the kind words.
> Why not get a blog on a site that doesn't require readers to log in?
> I haven't been aware of this until tonight, Jim. I just put a blog up on 
> MySpace as a lark, besides. I'll certainly give some thought to Goggle's 
> site, though.
> John Q.
> Google's blogger service is one
>  > of several that are free.


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