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>               The stampede at the Long Island Wal-Mart on "Black Friday"
>     was a most hideous peek in the mirror of life for a great deal of
>     us. The 5am crowd at that location rushed into the store like mad
>     bovine or crazed lemmings, trampling a store employee to death in
>     the process. Furthermore, the wild herd kept coming, hurtling over
>     those attempting to help the fallen victim, including a pregnant 28
>     year-old woman. Hardly anyone gave a hoot about these people in
>     their unbridled zeal to grab a bargain before they all disappeared.
>     The dead man's family is now suing Wal-Mart for their loss. While I
>     am sympathetic over the loss of life (in a */silly/* conquest), I
>     must disagree with holding Wal-Mart responsible. The animal-like
>     crowd is simply modern man. We've become indifferent to the plight
>     of those around us. Wal-Mart did not tell these idiots to stampede
>     nor did they have any control over crowd behavior in any way.
>               Those who */should/* be held accountable are those who did
>     the panicked shoving and the stomping to get inside the store.

Based on my own experience in these things on these days, the only thing 
the store should do "extra" is have someone limiting entry to some 
certain number at a time -- based on crowds in the store, not whether or 
not the incoming crowd might stampede.  If they were doing that, fine. 
If they weren't, then, Wal-Mart _is_ responsible to some degree.

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