You just thought you were over taxed!

Richard Whitenight rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 3 12:51:33 MST 2009

It turns out that a particular member of Congress (can't remember his
name), wants to add a War Tax on those who make over $250,000, so those in
that tax bracket can be directly involved in the Afghan military conflict,
beyond those who fight in the conflict or their families.

I honestly believe that everyone (not just the military and their
families) ARE involved in this military conflict.  We are involved every
day we purchase products such as food, gas, etc.  If they want to fund
this conflict, please don't shove the Health Care bill down our throats,
and we won't need an added War Tax of what I believe would be
approximately 5%.

What say you?

Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas
"God Bless America and our Men & Women in Uniform"
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