You just thought you were over taxed!

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Thu Dec 3 16:18:01 MST 2009

All of us?  Involved in the war?  Maybe.  Maybe.  Committed to the 
war - definitely not.  few are committed.

Just remember - in a Ham and egg breakfast - the chicken is 
involved.  The pig is committed.

At 11:51 AM 12/3/2009, you wrote:

>It turns out that a particular member of Congress (can't remember his
>name), wants to add a War Tax on those who make over $250,000, so those in
>that tax bracket can be directly involved in the Afghan military conflict,
>beyond those who fight in the conflict or their families.
>I honestly believe that everyone (not just the military and their
>families) ARE involved in this military conflict.  We are involved every
>day we purchase products such as food, gas, etc.  If they want to fund
>this conflict, please don't shove the Health Care bill down our throats,
>and we won't need an added War Tax of what I believe would be
>approximately 5%.
>What say you?
>Richard Whitenight
>Arlington, Texas
>"God Bless America and our Men & Women in Uniform"
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