It's *HDT*!!!

Carl Spitzer WinBlows at LAVABIT.COM
Thu Dec 17 10:32:26 MST 2009

I am not a spamarrest member this site will not load for me.  Can you
send the real link?

On Sat, 2009-11-28 at 02:45 -0600, John wrote:
> CBS Catches Up with Conservatives and Realizes Obama Has 'Credibility'
> Problem
> Long after conservatives and the American people figured it out, CBS
> on Monday night came to the realization President Barack Obama has a
> "credibility" problem fueled by the "disconnect" between Obama's
> promise to reduce the deficit as he pushes for massive new spending.
> Back in August, the CBS Evening News denigrated the town hall
> questioners as "un 

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