What global warning?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Thu Dec 17 22:59:55 MST 2009

At 03:49 PM 12/17/2009, you wrote:
>Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>>None of that is as bad as Erie before the lake freezes over. Even at
>>>40F, when that damp air comes in off the lake you get chilled to the
>>>bone no matter what you wear. Nothing can get you warm afterwards either.
>>I didn't get warm from living near lake Michigan until we started 
>>hanging out in the Mohave Desert.  But even then, when we hang out 
>>- even in the lake (Mohave), sustained 120 becomes unbearable.
>Frankly, your trying to convince us about that zero kelvin stuff 
>where we go in space indicates that _nothing_ you say on _anything_ 
>is worth a shit.  You're of course welcome to stay here if you want, 
>but you really ought to just slink away someplace else.  You may be 
>stupid, but we're not.

Ernie, you found that four page guide to your vocabulary 
again.  Congratulations.  You were getting so monotonous I thought 
maybe you had misplaced it.

Ernie, I didn't say anything.  I wrote it.  And on what do you base 
your assessment?  It isn't any sort of education (even a poor one); 
that's obvious.

And Ernie, I am not trying to convince anybody of anything.  I have 
nothing to prove.  Besides, you aren't worth it.  But when you 
obviously don't know what you are writing about, and you maybe do a 
thirty second internet search in order to come off as knowledgeable 
and, hence attempt to impress everyone, you really just come off as 
the shallow cretin you are.  But I sure do enjoy the show!

And Ernie!  Thank you for letting me stay.  I was so worried that 
you'd roll up the welcome mat.  And, shucks, I didn't even know you 
are the one in charge.  Do we salute, bow, genuflect?   What's 
appropriate for someone of your self-assumed stature?

Stephen A. Frye
s.frye at verizon.net 

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