What global warning?

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Fri Dec 18 05:17:14 MST 2009

>Frankly, your trying to convince us about that zero kelvin stuff 
>where we go in space indicates that _nothing_ you say on _anything_ 
>is worth a shit.  You're of course welcome to stay here if you want, 
>but you really ought to just slink away someplace else.  You may be 
>stupid, but we're not.

Ernie, I sincerely apologize to you  and to other group members for 
my reaction to you.  It was late, I was tired.

I assumed - I  know - that you were capable of rational 
exchange.  You are not.  Instead, you write to me just as you have 
written to me and others here when they dare pen disagreement with 
you.  You throw a childish temper tantrum - calling names, stamping 
your feet, pounding your fists, covering your ears, and screaming 
louder.  It's OK.  I think most of understand.  Even so, to echo what 
you wrote to me, I think that everyone here would agree you are 
welcome to stay.

Stephen A. Frye
s.frye at verizon.net 

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