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> > John,
> > All sarcasm aside - I am impressed by your baseball knowledge - 
> and I indeed know you are NOT looking this stuff up so.....
> > What is the score of a forfeited game?
>I believe it's 9-0, right?

Yes -  run for each scheduled inning.

1995 at Dodger stadium (don't recall the opponent).  Dodgers were 
down in the ninth.  Raul was called out on strikes (first out).  he 
argues too much, and the ump tossed him.  Tommy came out.  Ump tossed 
him.  Fans started throwing stuff at the filed.  The visiting manager 
took his team off the field.  Once security got the crowd calmed 
down, the teams came back out.  Fans started again.

Umps forfeited the game to the visitors.  And because the "offended 
team" was already winning, the existing score stood.

> > When was the last forfeit?
> > What were the circumstances?
>Okay, you got me there...........
> > No fair looking it up.
>I didn't, but it's a little too early to be frying my brain 
>cells.......they're all covered with snow, er, ah, I mean global 
>warming. Something tells me it was during I close?
>Okay, here's one you can win some money with in any setting. One 
>team in the history of baseball started an entire outfield of 
>players from the same high school - not the same graduating class, 
>but the same school. These three players were regulars, so this was 
>no one time thing (ie, the Alou brothers starting for the Giants in 
>1963). Furthermore, they were regulars for back-to-back seasons.
>A) Name the team.
>B) Name the three players.
>C) Name the high school they came from.
>D) Name the two seasons they started along side each other.
>Parts A & B are the real key. Parts C & D are "bonus" questions.
>John Q.
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