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Our son was stationed there - Fort Huachuca - for four years.  That 
started in 2001.  I recall on our first visit that there was a 
privately owned Italian restaurant - very good, and a locally owned 
steak house - also very good.  They are gone in favor of the big 
chains.  There is a lot there now.  I notice the growth just from 
2001.  I am sure you'd be shocked!

At 04:57 PM 12/29/2009, you wrote:
>I spent about 6 months in Sierra Vista when I was 17.  I'm going to 
>have to check it out on GoogleEarth.  I'll bet it has grown a 
>lot.  Back then it was a strip town.
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>Hey Jim,
>Just got back from Phoenix  (and Tucson, and Sierra Vista) - took 
>our exchange students to watch the Cardinals.  They both LOVED 
>Phoenix.  And - they've been in Laughlin in August, so they know the heat, too.
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