Napolitano Has *GOT* To Go!

Dennis Putnam dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET
Wed Dec 30 14:44:34 MST 2009

John wrote:
> On Wed Dec 30 11:32:06 CST 2009, Steven Laib wrote:
> > No, the system is to let the bombers get on the plane and let the
> passengers subdue them when they make their attentions known.
> Weird, but a Dutchman showed more fortitude on that Christmas flight
> than any of the people on 9/11 flights. I HATE to be disparaging of
> the dead, but........I STILL wonder how can anyone hijack a plane with
> a retractable X-Acto knife?
Easy. At the time, the operating orders were to comply with hijackers.

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