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During the war our soldiers swore an oath of loyalty to the 
constitution.  The Jerrys swore an oath to a psychopathic interior 
decorator/mediocre artist.

John A. Quayle wrote:
>       * Military to Pledge Oath To Obama, Not Constitution
>       <http://jumpinginpools.blogspot.com/2009/01/military-to-pledge-oath-to-obama-not.html>
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> Michele Chang
> Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is extremely frustrated with orders 
> that the White House is contemplating. According to sources at the 
> Pentagon, including all branches of the armed forces, the Obama 
> Administration may break with a centuries-old tradition.
> *A spokesman for General James Cartwright, the Vice Chairman of the 
> Joint Chiefs of Staff, states that the Obama Administration wants to 
> have soldiers and officers pledge a loyalty oath directly to the office 
> of the President, and no longer to the Constitution.
> *"The oath to the Constitution is as old as the document itself." the 
> spokesman said, "At no time in American history, not even in the Civil 
> War, did the oath change or the subject of the oath differ. It has 
> always been to the Constitution."
> The back-and-forth between the White House and the Defense Department 
> was expected as President George W. Bush left office. President Obama 
> has already signed orders to close Guantanamo and to pull combat troops 
> from Iraq. But, this, say many at the Defense Department, goes to far.
> *"Technically, we can't talk about it before it becomes official 
> policy."* the spokesman continued. "However, the Defense Department, 
> including the Secretary, will not take this laying down. Expect a fight 
> from the bureaucracy and the brass."
> Sources at the White House had a different point of view. In a circular 
> distributed by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the rationale 
> for the change was made more clear.
> *"The President feels that the military has been too indoctrinated by 
> the old harbingers of hate: nationalism, racism, and classism.* By 
> removing an oath to the American society, the soldiers are less likely 
> to commit atrocities like those at Abu Ghraib."
> "We expect a lot of flak over this," ! the clas sified memo continues. 
> "But those that would be most against it are those looking either for 
> attention or control."
> *The time frame for the changes are unknown. However, it is more likely 
> that the changes will be made around the July 4th holiday, in order to 
> dampen any potential backlash.* The difference in the oath will actually 
> only be slight. The main differences will be the new phrasing. It is 
> expected that *the oath to the Constitution will be entirely phased out 
> within two years.
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