Republicans pick moderate to be new leader

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Tue Feb 3 11:50:21 MST 2009

John A. Quayle wrote:
> Michael Steele - new RNC Chairman
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> The Republican National Committee has picked a new leader.
> Emacs! The GOP today elected its first black chairman -- former Maryland 
> Lieutenant Governor and Fox News commentator Michael Steele. Steele, the 
> most moderate of the Republican candidates who ran for the chairmanship, 
> is a pro-life Catholic and an advocate of limited government and lower 
> taxes.
> According to the /Associated Press/, it took six rounds of voting to 
> select Steele as he defeated the incumbent party chief and three other 
> challengers.
> Although he personally opposes the federal marriage amendment, Steele 
> has said he would support the amendment as chairman because it is in the 
> party's platform. In his acceptance speech, he continued with his tone 
> of inclusiveness.
> "We're going to say to friend and foe alike: We want you to be a part of 
> us, we want you to with be with us, and for those who wish to obstruct, 
> get ready to get knocked over," Steele said.

Inclusiveness is fine, but pandering is not.  The Republicans basically 
should not have policies that favor any particular group, but have 
policies that benefit the country as a whole.

I don't have any problem with his opposing the federal marriage 
amendment, because I do, too.  What I _am_ in favor of is an amendment 
that would essentially say that each State can do its own thing here, 
and the "full faith and credit" clause does not apply to laws pertaining 
to marriage or things like it.

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