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Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Wed Feb 4 09:00:53 MST 2009

John A. Quayle wrote:
>       * Military to Pledge Oath To Obama, Not Constitution
>       <http://jumpinginpools.blogspot.com/2009/01/military-to-pledge-oath-to-obama-not.html>
>       *
> Conservative News and Reporting
> "News for the Rest of Us"
> Michele Chang
> Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is extremely frustrated with orders 
> that the White House is contemplating. According to sources at the 
> Pentagon, including all branches of the armed forces, the Obama 
> Administration may break with a centuries-old tradition.

I started to comment on how gullible you are, but the more I think about 
it, in this case, you're just stupid.   This is so far out in left field 
that only the people who not only wear tinfoil hats, they're too tight, 
could believe this.  And, since you posted this without comment, you 
obviously do.

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