Secondhand Children

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Ann Coulter

February 04, 2009
Secondhand Children
By Ann Coulter
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It's been weeks since the last one, so on Sunday, The New York Times 
Magazine featured yet another cheery, upbeat article on single mothers. As 
with all its other promotional pieces on single motherhood over the years, 
the Times followed a specific formula to make this social disaster sound 
normal, blameless and harmless -- even brave.

These single motherhood advertisements include lots of conclusory 
statements to the effect that this is simply the way things are -- so get 
used to it, bourgeois America! "(A)n increasing number of unmarried 
mothers," the article explained, "look a lot more like Fran McElhill and 
Nancy Clark -- they are college-educated, and they are in their 30s, 40s 
and 50s."

Why isn't the number of smokers treated as a fait accompli that the rest of 
us just have to accept? Smoking causes a lot less damage and the harm 
befalls the person who chooses to smoke, not innocent children.

The Times' single motherhood endorsements always describe single mothers as 
the very picture of middle-class normality: "She grew up in blue-collar 
Chester County, Pa., outside Philadelphia, and talks like a local girl 
(long O's). Her father was a World War II vet who worked for a union and 
took his kids to Mass most Sundays." Even as a girl she dreamed of raising 
a baby with a 50 percent greater chance of growing up in poverty.

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