PEBO is angry...Boo hoo!

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri Feb 6 08:04:42 MST 2009

At 08:04 AM 2/6/2009, Richard Whitenight wrote:
>Our raghead token President is angry at the Senate for not passing his 
>massive pork laden bill. Well, pardon me you pompous ass of a leader,
>if there are Senators who don't care to spend almost $900 billion for a 
>bill full of pork. Your throne is temporary, as you'll find out in
>four years, when we'll try our best to kick your ass out of office and 
>regain the government back from the Socialists who are trying to ruin

         Richard, you may be more correct about the temporary aspect than 
you think. First of all, Obamaland seems to be crumbling under the sheer 
volume of its own ineptitude, as yet ANOTHER Obama appointee has been found 
to have a tax problem. Nancy Killifer, chosen to be the White House Chief 
Performance Officer (WHERE did they come up with that one???) had a lien 
placed on her house for a piddling $900 tax problem (didn't report nanny 
earnings, or some such. Michael Savage is reporting on his website that 
Obama's choice for Labor Secretary ALSO has an unpaid tax headache that 
goes back 16 years! These people are becoming like "F-Troop" or "The Gang 
That Couldn't Shoot Straight."

         Speaking of Savage, he is gathering a groundswell of folks seeking 
to have Obama impeached (yes, already) for "malfeasence."

John Q.  
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