PEBO is angry...Boo hoo!

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Fri Feb 6 09:37:43 MST 2009

Obama's only positive effect on our treasury so far is the sudden rush by his nominees to pay back taxes.... few thousand more appointees and our deficit may just shrink...    

I thought last Sept the early "bailout" attempts had some merit.  They had an element of "buyout" in them that left the taxpayers with assets in the institutions(yeah.... I know... look how well that has worked for the French) and I though the bailout was a necessary evil to keep the markets from crashing.

The crash has happened, the market is below 8000, my retirement is down 42%,  and what assets are tied to the abortion funding?   This is just mindless deficit spending that heaps a burden on those too young to vote...   When we are NOT collecting SS in a few years remember this moment.... boy do we have this one coming.


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> Our raghead token President is angry at the Senate for not passing his 
> massive pork laden bill. Well, pardon me you pompous ass of a leader, 
> if there are Senators who don't care to spend almost $900 billion for 
> a bill full of pork. Your throne is temporary, as you'll find out in 
> four years, when we'll try our best to kick your ass out of office and 
> regain the government back from the Socialists who are trying to ruin 
> it. 
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