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At 08:36 PM 2/6/2009, Ernie Lane wrote:
>The four Republican Senators -- Snowe, Collins, Voinovich and Specter 
>--  must be turned out of office when they next come up for reelection.  I 
>am sick and tired of seeing these names all the time as total sellouts. 
>Having the Democrats take over their seats, if it came to that, would be 
>better than having them in office.

         I e-mailed Specter, who then answered me about the stimulus being 
"too much money". My reply back was short and sweet. I simply wrote, "It's 
unconstitutional!" I know either the Senator or someone from his office 
read it, as I got back a confirmation of same. I'm sick of Specter, too! 
When he ran in '04, Pat Toomey ran against him in the primaries. No less 
than W, himself and Rick Santorum hit the campaign trail in support of 
Specter. Specter showed his thanks rather quickly by stabbing them both in 
the back. I've long since had my fill of the two-timer, dating back to 
1990.  He's GONE, for sure, now! He's up for re-election next year and I'm 
gonna hang this vote around his neck like a lead weight. Jose? Tom? 
Bill........are you guys with me?

John Q.

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