Actions that can be taken against NObombA

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Sat Feb 7 23:51:10 MST 2009

At 10:56 PM 2/7/2009, Thomas Matiska wrote:
>About $70K or so of my retirement is in the Govt bond fund. Time to move 
>it over to the stock fund and shift all future contributions also. The 
>stock fund is in the toilet now so why not buy low? Having my payroll 
>deductions go to bonds just doesn't seem patriotic anymore.

         Wise decision, Tom!

John Q.

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> > Short of an overthrow of the Government, what can, "We the people," do
> > to remove this scumbag from office? We need to find a skeleton in his
> > closet, one strong enough to impeach him. This piece of Shiite needs
> > to be gone.
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