15 year old Hispanic male suspect got the point ...

Richard Whitenight rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 7 23:58:04 MST 2009

...literally, that crime doesn't pay.

Two Hispanic make teen suspects (13 and 15-years old) were observed
running from a rather expensive looking two story home in the Dallas
area. The house was protected by a fence made of ornamental iron
stanchions. The 15-year old used a 30-gallon plastic trash receptacle
to try and get over the fence. In his attempt, something went wrong
and he ended up impaling himself on the fence. He was able to get off
the fence, but collapsed on the ground a short distance from the
fence, where he subsequently died of his wounds. This was a good
suspect, who saved the County thousands of dollars that would have
been spent to house and feed him at the local juvenile facility. We
need more individuals like this suspect.

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Richard Whitenight
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