Michael Steele

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Some of Beckel's observation have to be understood through the distorting lens of Beckel's doctrinaire liberalism...

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  Linda Sue Grimes wrote:
  > Michael Steele is a devout Catholic; he studied to become a priest.  
  > Thus, any doubt about his pro-life stance should be erased, despite his 
  > earlier comments about /stare decisis/.  In the article linked below, 
  > the Democrat Bob Beckel, who has worked with Steele as political analyst 
  > at FOX NEWS, is warming Democrats about Steele's capabilities: 
  > http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2009/02/democrats_beware_of_michael_st.html

  It's interesting Beckel says "The press continually refers to Steele as 
  a "moderate", but he is not a moderate -- he only plays one on 
  television. Under that friendly persona of reasonableness lies the soul 
  of a doctrinaire conservative."

  This is pretty much the same thing as Obama, on the other side.
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