PEBO is angry...Boo hoo!

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I get a kick out of nancy Pelosi attacking the republicans saying 
that "the bailout is what the American people want."  last time I 
looked, approval of the bailout had dropped to below 30%.  Is she 
maybe seeing figures somewhere?

At 08:37 AM 2/6/2009, you wrote:
>Obama's only positive effect on our treasury so far is the sudden 
>rush by his nominees to pay back taxes.... few thousand more 
>appointees and our deficit may just shrink...
>I thought last Sept the early "bailout" attempts had some 
>merit.  They had an element of "buyout" in them that left the 
>taxpayers with assets in the institutions(yeah.... I know... look 
>how well that has worked for the French) and I though the bailout 
>was a necessary evil to keep the markets from crashing.
>The crash has happened, the market is below 8000, my retirement is 
>down 42%,  and what assets are tied to the abortion funding?   This 
>is just mindless deficit spending that heaps a burden on those too 
>young to vote...   When we are NOT collecting SS in a few years 
>remember this moment.... boy do we have this one coming.
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> > Our raghead token President is angry at the Senate for not passing his
> > massive pork laden bill. Well, pardon me you pompous ass of a leader,
> > if there are Senators who don't care to spend almost $900 billion for
> > a bill full of pork. Your throne is temporary, as you'll find out in
> > four years, when we'll try our best to kick your ass out of office and
> > regain the government back from the Socialists who are trying to ruin
> > it.
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