Spector is growing a RINO horn

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 Senators Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins are all growing
RINO horns.  Time we sent them to Kenya so the poachers can take those
horns for Chinese quack medicine. CWSIV

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              Greetings to the GOPUSA Family of Activists!
  Please see the message below from The Center for Individual Freedom.
        They have some important information to share with you.
                           Keep up the fight,
                        Robert R. Eberle, Ph.D.
                       President and CEO, GOPUSA
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  On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted that he DIDN'T
                     have the votes to pass the "Porkulus Bill." 
  It should have been OVER! The Obama-Pelosi Theft Act of 2009 (aka the
   Pelosi-Obama-Reid stimulus bill") SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD ON ARRIVAL! 
BUT NO... a group of Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINOs) REFUSED TO WIN...
   they REFUSED to let this horrendous bill die. They REFUSED to allow
  hundreds of billions of dollars in pork, socialist wish list projects
     and payoffs to liberal special interests (like ACORN) go down the
Without missing a beat, they scrambled to snatch defeat from the jaws of
    victory... they plotted behind closed doors to RESURRECT THIS EVIL
                              "PORKULUS BILL" FROM THE DEAD! 
Of course, there is some good news! You've already forced some Senators,
   who originally supported this travesty of a bill, to see the light. 
    Some of them changed their tunes once you started bombarding their
                  offices with YOUR BLAST FAXES and phone calls. 
Some of them are even talking tough now. And, their sudden reversal is a
        testament to what you can do when you make your voice heard! 
   But three stubborn Republicans-In-Name-Only still REFUSE to get the
      message; namely Senators Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe and Susan
 On Friday, they announced with almost perverse pride and pleasure that
   they had reached a "deal" with the opposition to cut $100 billion of
   liberal pet projects, pork and political payoffs from this "porkulus
   They announced to the American people that they cut the bill down to
$780 billion (the figure could still go higher and surpass $925 billion
                           again when it's all said and done). 
 And that number doesnt even account for more than $300 billion in debt
 commitments created by this monstrosity, according to some estimates. 
      In other words, were still looking at over a trillion dollars of
   hard-earned taxpayer dollars, the large majority of which will go to
     fund liberal pet projects, pork and political payoffs, instead of
                                   stimulating the economy. 
   Yet, because they were able to negotiate a few cuts here and there,
   Specter, Collins and Snowe expect you to believe that everything is
 As House Minority Leader John Boehner said on Friday, "90 percent of a
                              bad idea is still a bad idea." 
  That's why our elected officials need to hear from you AGAIN! Despite
   what you may be hearing in the media, this so-called "deal" is VERY
                     FRAGILE! We can BUST IT if we all act now! 
And this is URGENT, because the Senate may vote on this BOGUS COMPROMISE
                                       as early as Monday! 
   Use the hyperlink below to send your 42 personalized faxes to Barack
        Obama and the Republican Members of the United States Senate! 
Tell them in no uncertain terms that the American people DON'T want them
    to "tinker" with this evil bill or to try to "fix" it. The American
  people do not want any "compromises" or "amendments" or ANY AMOUNT OF
                               LIPSTICK PUT ON THIS PIG OF A BILL. 
  The American people want the Obama-Pelosi Theft Act of 2009 DEAD... A
STAKE DRIVEN THROUGH ITS EVIL HEART! Tell them - to borrow a phrase from
   former First Lady Nancy Reagan - they just need to say "NO" and stop
                                         this liberal boondoggle! 
                            AOL Members May Also Use This Hyperlink 
   If the above hyperlinks do not work, please copy and paste the first
                           hyperlink into your browser address bar. 
       Yes... You Are Having An Effect And It's Time To Finish The Job!
You've been telling our elected officials - in no uncertain terms - "NO
WAY," and some of them IMMEDIATELY got the message! In fact, YOU MADE A
          Just look at how things have changed in a matter of days. 
Senator John McCain's first reaction several days ago was to join others
 in proposing his own version of the stimulus bill. His price tag was a
   mere $425 billion! NOW McCain's talking tough. He recently said, "If
   this legislation is passed, it'll be a very bad day for America." He
also told the press; "We want to stimulate the economy, not mortgage the
      future of our children and grandchildren by the kind of fiscally
               profligate spending embodied in this legislation." 
     Senator Lindsey Graham initially appeared to indicate that he was
willing to play "Let's Make A Deal." A few days ago he said; "Get us all
   in a room. That's what you do with a major piece of legislation." He
even told a group of business owners in Spartanburg, South Carolina; "I
don't like borrowing more of your money than we've already borrowed but
I find myself in a position where I don't believe the private sector has
the ability to jump start our economy." By Friday, Graham didn't appear
  as willing to negotiate! He told Greta Van Susteren of FOX News: "The
process that's led to this bill stinks. There is no negotiating going on
        here! Nobody is negotiating! We're making this up as we go!" 
  Senator Mitch McConnell initially appeared content to put lipstick on
this pig of a bill and offered the following statement: "We look forward
to offering amendments to improve this critical legislation and move it
    back to the package President Obama originally proposed." NOW he's
     singing a different tune and is calling the so-called stimulus an
           "aimless spending spree that masquerades as a stimulus." 
And several of the Republican-In-Name-Only Senators who initially sided
      with Collins, Snowe, Specter and the opposition (Senators George
   Voinovich, Lisa Murkowski and Mel Martinez), BACKED-OFF ON FRIDAY. 
                              WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES! 
But have no delusions! These elected officials didn't all suddenly have
  a change of heart. They did not wake up on Thursday or Friday morning
                        and miraculously come to their senses. 
THEY HEARD YOU LOUD AND CLEAR! That's a testament to the effect you can
     have but it ALSO means that if they stop hearing from you at this
       crucial time, they might backslide. We can't let that happen! 
                                               Why not? 
      Because as things now stand, Democrats only have 57 votes in the
 They desperately NEED Specter and Snowe and Collins to reach the magic
     number of 60 votes needed to send this horrendous "porkulus bill"
Make no mistake, we CAN stop the Obama-Pelosi Theft Act of 2009, but we
          must ACT NOW because a vote can come as early as Monday!  
People are losing their jobs, employment prospects are bleak, homes are
   going into foreclosure, and liberals in the House and Senate had the
 nerve to try to use the misfortune of others as an excuse to trick the
American people into spending nearly a TRILLION dollars we did not even
                have on pork, pet-projects and political payoffs. 
 And they thought they could get away with it by calling it a "Stimulus
                                            THE ECONOMY! 
     To put the original figure of $925 billion in perspective, that's
     approximately $3,000 for every man, woman and child in the United
 States... a $12,000 back-breaking obligation for the average family of
   four... a legacy of debt and a diminished standard of living for our
 children and grandchildren. And that's on top of the $700 billion that
                                      we've already spent! 
                        You were RIGHT to tell them "NO WAY!"  
    But what did some of these Republicans-In-Name-Only do? Instead of
 THE VOTES TO PASS IT, they thought - for whatever reason - they should
  tinker with it and shove it down the throats of the American people. 
Essentially, they tried to put lipstick this pig instead of slaughtering
                                         the vile animal! 
     Right now, Collins, Snowe and Specter are essentially looking the
                     American people dead in the eye and saying: 
    We hear you loud and clear. $925 billion of Congressional pork and
payoffs to liberal special interests like ACORN is simply UNACCEPTABLE!
   How about $780 billion of Congressional pork and payoffs to liberal
                                 special interests instead? 
                     THAT'S RIDICULOUS! What are they thinking? 
   Congressman Gene Taylor, a Democrat from Mississippi, put it all in
                               perspective when he observed: 
"The nation borrowed $800 billion between the Revolutionary War through
   Gerald Ford's presidency. In one vote, the nation is going to borrow
                           another 800 billion. This is nuts." 
 To speak frankly, this so-called "stimulus bill" (which has nothing to
 do with stimulating the economy and has everything to do with pork and
   payoffs to liberal special interests) is not just "NUTS." it is just
                                             PLAIN EVIL! 
That's NOT what the American people want. The American people DON'T want
this evil bill "fixed." The American people want this evil bill DEAD...
                                 PERIOD... END OF SENTENCE! 
Republican Senators should know better! Putting lipstick on this pig of
        a bill is NOT going to make it any less socialist... any less
            egregious... any more palatable to the American people. 
      Our elected officials need to hear from you AGAIN... RIGHT NOW. 
                                  Is It Perhaps Best To Do Nothing?
 Let's be frank! We've already tried recklessly throwing taxpayer money
      at our problems to the tune of $700 billion. IT HASN'T WORKED! 
   Job losses continue. Foreclosures continue. Credit is still tight! 
   And now we're supposed to believe that spending MORE MONEY (money we
      don't have) to fund liberal causes and pet projects WILL work? 
                        Glenn Beck with FOX News said it best: 
"So, the question is, when will America finally say, 'You know, I think
                     Ive learned my lesson. Enough is enough?'" 
Senator Richard Shelby told CNBC that Washington should just "shelve the
                                       stimulus package." 
   Even economist Martin Feldstein, who initially supported a "stimulus
   plan" is singing a different tune and wrote in The Washington Post: 
"It would be better for the Senate to delay legislation for a month, or
           even two... . We cannot afford an $800 billion mistake." 
    Admittedly, people are suffering under the strain of this economic
   But history teaches us that government meddling may only extend what
                                 could be short term misery! 
Former President Ronald Reagan cautioned us that "government is not the
              solution to our problem; government is the problem." 
George Will, in a recent column titled "Same Old New Deal?" echoes those
      sentiments and insinuates that the New Deal turned a short-term
  recession into the Great Depression which lasted more than a decade! 
      "The assumption is that the New Deal vanquished the Depression.
 Intelligent, informed people differ about why the Depression lasted so
   long. But people whose recipe for recovery today is another New Deal
 should remember that America's biggest industrial collapse occurred in
   1937, eight years after the 1929 stock market crash and nearly five
                                 years into the New Deal. " 
        We don't need compromises! We don't need fixes! We don't need
         alternative plans that will move America towards SOCIALISM! 
 Demand that our elected officials stand firm and KILL the Obama-Pelosi
                                       Theft Act of 2009! 
                                             Do it NOW!  
                                         Yours In Freedom,
                                            Jeff Mazzella
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