Actions that can be taken against NObombA

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Tue Feb 10 16:22:02 MST 2009

William White wrote:
> Why would folks wish to change the government they have if they believe 
> they deserve it?
> I have difficulty associating myself with the voters who elect a person 
> like Pelosi.  There is a great cultural divide between them and 
> those voters I think of as "we."     The unity we experienced after 9/11 
> was short lived.  Since then, in the words of Yeats:  "The best lack all 
> conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."   
> This polarization of the nation's inhabitants, which is 
> becoming increasingly prominent, does not bode well.  I think neither 
> your nor I deserve either Reid or Pelosi or any of their congressional 
> supporters.  Like other malefic manifestations, they take time to 
> identify and neutralize.  History tells us that the success of such 
> political efforts, despite the application of talent and diligence, may 
> be mixed, inconclusive, or nada.  On the other hand, sometime "we" prevail.

I am quite sure the Pelosi voters don't identify with _you_.

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