Actions that can be taken against NObombA

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Yet those who believe completely that they "deserve" their fate, will never attempt to change it.  They will acknowledge that they have brought about their own condition; they will comply and accept the results without attempting to change them.  When folks perceive there are other forces at work, they will gird their loins and take positive action.  Such is the case with Job, whose comforters told him repeatedly that he alone had brought his own losses upon himself.  He could not accept that explanation entirely.  He said, "Yet will I maintain my own ways before Him."  This assertion in the face of his loss and the incomplete philosophy of his wife and friends is what brings about his restoration.   
The old folks used to say:  "You made your bed; now sleep in it," which suggests that people are authors of their own destiny.  I think to some extent this is true.  In one sense those who elected Obama do deserve him, but in another sense, many, if not most, were in some way duped.  They believed the illusions manufactured by the MSM.  They went to the magic show and came out wowed.  People by nature do like to be wowed.  It is more than enjoying entertainment; it is an up throttle to their desire to believe in a better world.  This is why advertising works and fantasy land has a pay off.
Then there are the relentless cycles of history that you reference.  All of us are o'er taken by that tsunami.  Perhaps we all contribute more to that momentum than we would care to acknowledge.  Still, when possible, we can and should separate ourselves from the "damned."   When Dante visited the Inferno, he understood that those souls were being punished for their own unrepentant behavior.  Virgil tells him not to waste tears on them since they deserve their fate.  Elections, too, are about choices.  Fortunately, while life and breath (and other elections) remain, the body politic may yet right itself fulfilling your "fervent hope."

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I think you have it backwards. They don't elect a government because
they believe deserve it, they deserve the government they elect. Most
voters do not take the time to understand what they are voting for other
than what they've been told will be put into their outstretched hand.
With that mentality, there is no incentive to change it. It is only the
minority that can think beyond their next welfare check that
understands. I believe this is what I predicted many months ago when the
election of Obama seemed inevitable. One of two things will happen,
either this sudden shift to the left will wake people up (my fervent
hope), or we are too far along the cycle of the 9 stages of
civilization. I thought were at the beginning of stage 7 (Complacency to
Apathy) but it is quite obvious now that we are really in stage 8
(Apathy to Dependence). Stage 9 may well occur in what is left of our
life time, it is moving that fast. Unless people wake up we will live to
see the move from Dependence to Bondage. Pray for your children and
grandchildren. We lost this war when the liberals took over our schools
and institutions back in the '60s. Unfortunately we were (some of us
anyway) too young to recognize the danger signs.

William White wrote:
> Why would folks wish to change the government they have if they believe
they deserve it?
> I have difficulty associating myself with the voters who elect a person
like Pelosi.  There is a great cultural divide between them and those voters I
think of as "we."     The unity we experienced after 9/11 was short
lived.  Since then, in the words of Yeats:  "The best lack all conviction,
while the worst are full of passionate intensity."   This polarization of
the nation's inhabitants, which is becoming increasingly prominent, does not
bode well.  I think neither your nor I deserve either Reid or Pelosi or any of
their congressional supporters.  Like other malefic manifestations, they take
time to identify and neutralize.  History tells us that the success of such
political efforts, despite the application of talent and diligence, may be
mixed, inconclusive, or nada.  On the other hand, sometime "we"
> Bill
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> I was referring specifically to congress where the spending power lies.
Obama has no real power with respect to this spendulous package. Pelosi and crew
put together a payback bill to all the special interest groups that want to turn
this country to the left. The GOP was helpless to stop it although I doubt they
would have even if McCain was elected. They could have stopped it in the Senate
except for the not entirely unexpected, 2 traitorous, liberal Republicans,
Specter and Snowe. We the people elected this crew. We may not be directly to
blame but as a country, we deserve what we elect.
> William White wrote: 
> I am reluctant to "own" the Obama administration.  I am aware
that as Americans we all sail in the same ship of state, but sometimes the crew
has little control over a crazy, maniacal, or radical captain.   We do what we
can within our sphere of influence, but sometimes we are overcome by the sheer
momentum of events and the degree of knowledge and enlightenment possessed at a
given time by our fellow Americans.
>     These words come to mind:  If you can keep your head when all those
around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.   
> I may be wrong about this, but I am reluctant to assume a lot of blame for
Obama's ascendancy.  That said, I will do what I can to forgive myself for
our having arrived at this juncture of American history with a President who has
been mentored by Marxist radicals, terrorists, and Black Liberation
"theologians and seems to be committed to an agenda rooted in their world
> Bill
> --- On Sun, 2/8/09, Dennis Putnam <dap1 at BELLSOUTH.NET> wrote:
> We deserve the government we elect.

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