Missing Billions

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Thu Feb 12 02:20:17 MST 2009

At 03:43 AM 2/12/2009, Jim wrote:
>The other day Paulson said in September the government discovered one day 
>that $500 billion had been withdrawn from money market accounts and called 
>it an electronic run on the banks. Wednesday Quinn took calls from several 
>people who said on that day large sums of money had been
>withdrawn from their accounts without their knowledge or consent.
>Then Quinn made a good point. He asked who took the money and why had we 
>not heard of this withdrawal before. It makes sense that the
>government would want to keep the lid on this. What kind of panic would it 
>cause if people had turned on the evening news and heard that half a
>trillion dollars had been stolen from people bank accounts by electronic 

         Savage talked about this last night. Just before he was about to 
put the finger on Gorgy Schwartz (a/k/a: George Soros), an investment 
counselor called in and said that the electronic run on Mutual Funds was legit.

Who's To Say?!?

John Q.

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