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This is worthy of reading and it's short. This was written by a friend who 
is still a Republican and has been pretty conservative. Despite that, I 
don't think that he really fully understood my anger at the GOP -- until 
now. This is his epiphany.

I think I understand it all now  -------  every day, I wake up wondering 
what other “good news” I’ll read about ------ budget/financial crisis, 
census, anti-gun measures, etc. ------ and it finally hits me square in the 
head this morning ------- all of the discouragement that I am feeling for 
our country ------- and who do I blame?  Obama and his cronies?  This would 
be too easy.  Nope ------- it’s my own party ------ it’s what I’ve been 
telling people for the past couple of years, but the reality has now fully 
hit. What are the Democrats doing right now?  EXACTLY what the Republicans 
SHOULD HAVE done over 10 years ago.

We, as a party, were given a mandate by the people of America.  In short 
order succession, we had the Executive and Congressional branches of 
government.  But instead of ruling with the mandate, we squished around and 
placated the middle.  America was not asking us to play in the 
middle.  With the mandate, America expected us to rule.  We didn’t. We’re 
in a mess. America sees the failure and votes for the ‘change’ (I am really 
learning to dislike this word, for it’s been so badly misused by the 
current Administration).  So what are the Democrats doing right now?  They 
are ramming it down our throats, something we didn’t have the guts to do 
ourselves.  There is only one slight (significant) difference between their 
current situation and ours then ------- while we achieved majority status 
in the Senate, and I don’t recall the exact numbers, I don’t know that we 
ever got past 54 or 55.  They have 58 (I think) right now, with the 
Minnesota situation still in the wings.  But they also can readily count on 
the easy three (Specter, Snowe, Collins), as needed. Yes, it all makes 
perfect sense right now.  And I will repeat the mantra that I’ve been 
saying over the past couple of years ------- we deserve what we’re getting 
------- we had the cake and failed to eat it


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