The Candle

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Wed Feb 18 13:07:24 MST 2009

February 18, 2009

CANDLE ___________________________________________
           It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Sorry, BEN ...  Upon leaving Constitution Hall, a lady asked
                           Ben Franklin "Sir, what kind of government did
                           you give us?"---"A Republic if you can keep it!"

IS THERE A ...'Marxist in the oval office? Watching President 
                            Obama's leadership in using fear and lies to
                            force passage of his Stimulus Bill there should 
                            be no doubt that he is an expert practitioner of 
                            the "art" of Marxism in which "the end justifies 
                            the means."

TO HELL ....     With Justice as President Obama stopped the 
                            long awaited  trial of the terrorist guilty of 
                            murdering our sailors on the U.S. destroyer 
                            USS Cole.  Every member of our armed forces 
                            should get a message from the White House... 
                            "Their President doesn't  give a damn about them!"

DOES HE ...      Walk on water? He must if one observes adoring 
                             Town  Hall attendees expecting President Obama to 
                             miraculously help them to improve their work 
                             benefits or getting them a car.

The Committee 
of One
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