Not one single penny for reparations!

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Thu Feb 19 02:12:11 MST 2009

At 03:54 AM 2/19/2009, Richard wrote:
>There is no one alive today who was directly responsible for actions that 
>took place more than 200 years ago. Congress will soon be
>considering a bill that would deal with reparations. Our illegitimate 
>President and certain members of Congress would love to see your hard
>earned dollars go towards paying so-called descendants of slaves, 
>reparations for what was once legal. They want us to feel guilty for
>what happened over two centuries ago. Well, it aint gonna happen. If 
>anyone accepts one single penny for reparations, then their ass should
>be shipped off to Africa, as they are not Americans, just a bunch of 
>welfare whores.

         Some of us on this list had families from other countries and 
weren't even in the United States during the time in question. Jose comes 
to mind right off the bat. My family wasn't here, either. They were still 
in Europe, 200 years ago. My mom's family wasn't here even 100 years ago 
and she's 91.

John Q. 
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