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At 08:21 PM 2/19/2009, JD wrote:
>Yeah, Obama is a dumb shit alright, but has everyone forgotten about the 
>other dumb shit who signed a similar bailout last fall?  If the formerly-G 
>OP would have grown a set and nominated someone with a pulse, this 
>particular dumb shit would still be in the senate, where he usually just 
>voted 'present.'

         Correct! McCain (Senator Lettuce) cranked off untold millions with 
his McCain-Feingold legislation, his insistance on open borders (like 
Bush), and his willingness to sell his soul to Diablo for the sake of 
having "bipartisanship" (just like "Snarlin' Arlen"). Neither McCain nor, ah, I mean Specter can seem to grasp that the other party 
will cut their arms off when they "reach across the aisle" or whatever 
touchy-feely idiocy they engage in.

John Q.

>On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 1:45 PM, Richard Whitenight 
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>The stimulus bill was signed into law yesterday and our President has
>confirmed that he is a dumb sierra hotel india tango. AMF.
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