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When NASA and NOAA global warming cheerleaders like
Hanson, Mann and others start cooking the data and tossing
out manufactured graphs and studies as real science and
incontrovertible proof of man-made global warming, it opens
the door for skeptics to start drilling into the
conclusions, the methodology and the actual data gathering
itself.  The skeptics have demonstrated that Mann's Hockey
Stick graph "proving" the existence of man-made global
warming is an artifact of the methodology.  They proved it
by inputting a randomly created set of data points into his
algorithm and coming up with the same shaped graph.

Hansen's handiwork at NASA Goddard was uncovered by
Canadian scientists that proved they used September
temperature data in their October temperature dataset last
year when they announced that 2008 was the one of the
hottest years in recent history.  Now it appears that they
have been playing games for a number of years with the
placement of the thousands of temperature sensing sites
worldwide.  The temperature sensors have been sited in
urban areas, in the urban heat island rather than in a
representative cross section of countryside.  The cities
are always hotter than the surrounding countryside because
concrete and asphalt absorb heat.  If this is where you are
gathering your data and not correcting it before you feed
it into your algorithms, you will end up with an
intentional and artificial increase in global temperatures.

A good analysis of the ongoing temperature data gathering
problems can be found at Science and Public Policy's web
site.  This is a particularly good article:

It appears that climate science at NOAA and NASA is
hopelessly compromised and corrupt, and has been so for at
least a decade or so.  The only accurate global temperature
readings are those coming out of satellite data, but they
are only available since 1979.  We have a problem when our
elected leaders are making policy decisions based on cooked
data, bogus algorithms, (intentionally) poorly placed
sensors, and conclusions based more on the political agenda
of the scientists involved than what the data actually is
telling them.  Man-made global warming is a house of cards
that is falling down just at the point when democrats hold
sufficient majorities in congress to push legislation

Someone is a liberal when you can't reason them out of
anything, because they never reason themselves into any

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