Carter Took Credit For Broadcast Deregulation!!!!

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Sat Feb 21 11:10:28 MST 2009

No surprise to me.   Carter deregulated everything he could.   The airlines and trucking were two biggies.   He started a tidal wave of trade deregulation when he gave China favored nation status in '79.   Few folks remember, but the Carter appointed Judge who broke up AT&T actually did so the week before Mr Reagan took office.  The court activity after Jan '81 was all about how it would be split, not if, and the same Judge Greene's court.


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         [I know, proof-positive, that deregulation never happened under Jimmy Carter! I was in broadcasting school, back then. Part of that process was removing the requirement to take a written exam to obtain an FCC Third Class broadcast license (called a "restricted radio telephone broadcast operator's permit"). Ronald Reagan was the man who sheparded this through the legislature. By that time, I'd already taken my written exam. My license (which is valid for the rest of my life) is stamped with the month and year I passed the exam - March, 1980. Carter was still in office at that time! - JAQ]
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