Chris Matthews seems a tad dense

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Sat Feb 21 11:27:36 MST 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-26 at 18:27 +0000, Thomas Matiska wrote:
> The left's grasp of this issue defies understanding.    No part of any
> convention or accord I'm familiar with was ever intended to protect
> terrorist groups, illegal combatants who hide among the civilian
> population, or  their acts of indiscriminate murder against innocent
> civilians. 
> We need to prove nothing against the detainees beyond the fact that
> they are on the opposite side of the war against terror. They have
> forfeit all rights due a legal combatant under the Geneva Convention
> and have forfeit their moral right to breathe my oxygen. 
> Only thing wrong with Guantanamo is the dismal lack of firing squad
> activity.

Perhaps we should find a Republican to propose transferring the Muslims
of GITMO to Israel for special detention rather than bring them here.
At least the Mossad speaks the language of Islam and knows the stuff
these guys are likely to pull.  Other proposals could be to turn the
Neverland Ranch into a prison and keep these Muslims in a liberal
neighborhood where they can meet their fellow Bush haters but then the
ACLU would likely sue for discrimination because we did not locate them
in an American neighborhood.

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