Attack on religion at the Oscars

Richard Whitenight rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 23 01:36:53 MST 2009

The assault on religious values started with presenter Bill Marr. If I
didn't know any better, I'd swear Marr is an Atheist or Agnostic. The
reason I say this is because he was a presenter for Documentries and
he was fairly ticked off that his film was never considered (I
apologize for not knowing anything about what his film was about). He
commented on how all the different Gods apparently misinform there
followers, or something to that effect.

Also, during the presentation for Screen Writers, the screen writer
for Milk, who is a flaming gay, became overly emotional when thanking
his Mother for accepting him for who he his, and advised how he looked
forward to the day when Gays will get National rights to be recognized
in marriage to each other, such as rights that heterosexual couples
currently have.

Sean Penn won Leading Male Oscar for his role in Milk. He too
chastised the majority who do not favor Gays being allowed to marry
and received the same rights as Heterosexuals. I suspect he has little
faith in the mores of most Christians.

Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas
"God Bless America"

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