How to be a Left-Wing Budget Balancer

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Tue Feb 24 14:59:09 MST 2009

<>How to be a Left-Wing Budget Balancer


The Obama administration has barely had time to get settled into the job, 
yet the actions of this new president have already transitioned into the 
surreal. Under Barack Obama, every problem facing this country comes with a 
liberal remedy and a huge, taxpayer-funded price tag. Economy in trouble? 
Throw money at it. Banks failing? Throw money at it? Mortgage mess? Throw 
even more money at it?

Obviously, there are numerous problems with this approach, and they all 
fall under the umbrella of "common sense." However, common sense is an 
attribute in short supply in Washington, DC. What's even crazier than the 
proposed socialist solutions by Obama and company, is the fact that Obama 
is now screaming about the deficit. Does anyone really think that Obama or 
the liberals in Congress would actually cut any government program?

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