Gore Has A Bad Week..............

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Tue Feb 24 19:12:53 MST 2009

[From the Glenn Beck Show:]

Al Gore oopsie

Al Gore has been using a stat to make his case for more government funding for green jobs. He is claiming that there are more jobs (currently) in the renewable energy sector than there are in the gas and coal industries. That's quite a claim and the explanation for all the money he wants dumped into the green job sector. There's just one little problem with his stat: it's not true. They factor in everything imaginable to count as a 'wind energy' job, yet only count miners as all coal related jobs.  (<http://www.dat-e-baseonline.com/front/a.asp?arg=8F7D995F927D7B60606E777F628B73798C6A706E7D7B71>Transcript, Insider <http://www.dat-e-baseonline.com/front/a.asp?arg=8F7D995F927D7B60606E777F628B73798C6A706E7D7B72>Audio)
                                                                                                                                  Al Gore oopsie #2
It was not a good week for Al Gore. First he gets busted making up jobs numbers, then his latest slide show hits some turbulent weather. Turns out, one of the slides he has been using to tell people that the Earth coming to an end isn't really accurate at all. That's so weird because the science was settled on all of this at one time---and now it's not, so it's almost like they were wrong or something. (<http://www.dat-e-baseonline.com/front/a.asp?arg=8F7D995F927D7B60606E777F628B73798C6A706E7D7B73>Transcript, Insider <http://www.dat-e-baseonline.com/front/a.asp?arg=8F7D995F927D7B60606E777F628B73798C6A706E7D7B74>Audio).
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