So, Was He "Reagan-esque"?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Tue Feb 24 23:08:02 MST 2009

[Folks, I skipped watching the happy talk emanating from the two-faced, 
ersatz "leader of the free world" tonight. I simply didn't have enough 
Maalox on-hand to be able to withstand it. However, here's the response 
from the folks at "Restore the Republic." See what you think. - JAQ:]

RTR Response to State of the Union

| Tonight we heard an eloquent speech presented by a master orator.  He was 
polished, witty, and it seemed he was very sincere in his desire to help 
the American people.  Once again the American people basked in the gentle 
glow of their televisions to hear the President of the United States slide 
around his oath to the Constitution.

Having said that; here is a man that less than 5 weeks ago swore an oath to 
"protect and defend the Constitution;" who spoke for 50 minutes on the many 
and costly programs that were totally outside the scope of the federal 

This is not about saving money, or banks, or car companies, this is about 
saving the very principles this great nation was founded upon.

What we heard tonight was nothing more than a plea to race headlong toward 
socialism, to spread the wealth around, as he has said before.  He wants to 
create federal lending funds and housing rescue plans to help individual 
home owners (wealth redistribution).  He wants to swoop down from on high 
with the "full force of the Federal Government" whenever any bank may be 
having problems and bring them to task.  And may we remind the reading 
audience; it was that very same federal government that mandated that these 
banks make those loans or loose their favored bank rating.  They caused the 
problem by their very own regulations and offer to fix it by increasing 
regulation and control.  What this really means is more power for the 
central government and less power to the states.

Then he tells us how he inherited this "Great Debt"...

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