I'll give the Democrats some credit.

JD northgate76 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Feb 25 20:39:50 MST 2009

Guys, if you're gonna blame the demmies for the stock market, you have to
give Clinton credit for the pre-bust market surge in the Nineties.  That
sword cuts both ways. Me, I neithe credit nor blame.  This country has been
bought and paid for by our sweat and that of future generations for a long
time.  The big surprise is that the deception lasted as long as it did.


On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 1:25 PM, John A. Quayle <blueoval57 at verizon.net>wrote:

> Richard Whitenight wrote:
> They won back the Congress in 2006 and there have been changes...just
> not necessarily positive ones. Since they assumed power in 2006 the
> NYSE and the DOW have lost almost half their value or rating. Now,
> that's change I don't care to believe in!
> At 12:23 PM 2/25/2009, Ernie Lane wrote:
> You always hear "put your money where your mouth is."
> You'd think that after (1) the Fed chairman says the recession may end this
> year, and (2) the President spoke to the nation, that the stock market would
> rise, strongly, today. At midday, the Dow is down 135.
> "Put your money where your mouth is." The nation is doing exactly that. (In
> other words, polls are just that, and spin one way or the other. The
> "market" is real, and is everybody.)
>          *Just shows you that Americans of all stripes are not buying the
> empty happytalk.  I'll go on record as having a sharp disagreement with
> Bernacke. There's going to be strong inflation before the end of the year -
> perhaps hyperinflation.  I fully expect China to soon tell DC to stuff their
> debt instruments where the sun never shines. In that case, the Fed will be
> busily printing worthless currency. China despises America. They aren't shy
> about it, either. Hillary went there last week to beg for more Chinese
> money. They'll soon be tired of the shenanigans. Glenn Beck talked to a
> Houston city councilman on today's show. The guy also does afternoons at a
> Houston talk radio station. Anyway, the guy proceeded to tell Glenn that
> city council - until just days ago - had hatched a plan to buy people's
> credit card debt up to $3k, so these people could repair their credit
> history enough to purchase homes for themselves. How insane is that?!? More
> rewarding of bad behavior.............
> John Q. *
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