The President may be educated ...

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Thu Feb 26 05:25:51 MST 2009

I think that's deliberate, but he's going for "workin' man."  I hear him
droppin' his Gs and talkin' real tough and plain like.  I agree that it
sounds hoody.  They've all done that to one extent or another, starting with
Bush The First. Makes me miss Nixon.


On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 3:00 AM, Richard Whitenight <
rwhitenight2004 at> wrote:

> ...but his image he projects is that of a street punk.
> There are most likely black leaders in the political arena who would
> have presented a better image to foreign countries, than our current
> anointed one. Hussein comes off as an arrogant ass, who basically is
> fully aware that he is the first President of color, although in his
> case, he's a half breed. His wife has more class than he does. And to
> think we have to put up with this pompous ass for four years. Maybe
> will get lucky and he'll commit an impeachable offense.
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> Richard Whitenight
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> "God Bless America"
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