Getting what they deserve

Jim kd7nnv at GMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 26 15:51:39 MST 2009

Back in the 60s the federal government had planned a series of dams 
along the Colorado River upstream from the Grand Canyon.  Only the  Glen 
Canyon dam forming Lake Powell was actually built.  The other dams were 
not built thanks to the Sierra club and their ilk.  Now the desert 
southwest has been facing less than normal rainfall for several years. 
The following article

tells how the current drought is affecting Las Vegas and will eventually 
threaten the water supply to southern California including L.A. and the 
electricity supplied by Hoover Dam to the same region.

If the tree huggers hadn't done their thing 40 years ago there would now 
be several more lakes along the Colorado and the threat wouldn't be as 
severe as it is now.

Thanks enviroweenies.  The libs in California who fight progress every 
chance they get will get what they deserve when the lights go out and 
the taps go dry.

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