A poetic salute to government healthcare

Steven Laib stevenlaib at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Fri Jun 12 18:38:56 MDT 2009

Poem for 6/12/09

Old Mother Hubbard Revised

By Tarzana Joe

(More interesting poetry can be found at Tarzanajoe.com

Old Mother Dinick

Went down to the clinic

To get her prescription for gout.

But when she got there

The shelves were all bare

So Old Mother D did without.

Old Mr. Proctor

Went down to his doctor

Because his intestines were stuck

But without motivation

For true innovation

Proctor was… JUST out of luck

Old Mr. Spurgeon

Called his osteo surgeon

And found that their plans had a crimp

Because, he was told

That his knees were so old

He’d just have to walk with a limp

Old Captain Nemo

Was slated for chemo

And knew that his future was rough

But since he was a smoker

The government broker

Said they wouldn’t pay for the stuff

Young mother Benter

Went down to the center

To get her some pre-natal care

But the class teaching Kegels

Was full up with illegals

And they had no room for her there

She went to the doctor

For help with her spine

But had to stand back

At the end of the line

She went to an intern

Cause she didn’t feel steady

But she couldn’t get help

Cause the forms weren’t ready

She went to the Senate

To kick up a fuss

But Harry Reid stood

And he started to cuss

“You got what you asked for

Now, don’t bother us.”

She went to Pelosi

To stir up a stink

Who said, condescending,

While sipping her drink

“Dear, no one I know

Gives a hoot what you think.”

It seems like we’re heading toward certain disaster

And the goal of the Congress is to just get there faster

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