Rush Limbaugh brings up Obama's birth certificate

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Sun Jun 21 23:19:31 MDT 2009

Rush Limbaugh brings up Obama's birth certificate
Source: WND
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Published: Jun 21, 2009
Author: By Joe Kovacs

Nationwide attention about President Obama's lack of producing a
long-form birth certificate proving his eligibility for office got a
boost today when top-rated radio host Rush Limbaugh joked about the
subject in comparing Obama to God. 

Asking rhetorically what God has in common with Obama, Limbaugh said,
"Neither has a birth certificate." 

"How do they differ?" Limbaugh continued. "God does not think he's
Obama. And there's another difference. Liberals love Obama." 

Limbaugh repeated the punch lines several times throughout his show and
noted, "another difference is that Obama gets better press. ... Another
difference is that God only demands to be worshipped once a week." 

Later, he sprinkled in other differences, including: 

* God asks for only 10 percent of your money 

* God gives you freedom to live your life as you choose 

* God's plan to save us is actually written down for you to read 

Upon hearing the discussion, one listener in Miami phoned in to tell
Limbaugh, "You're acting like you're God." 

The host responded, "I am better than most people but I don't think I'm
God. Obama does." 

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