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Fri Jun 26 17:15:00 MDT 2009

At 08:34 AM 6/26/2009, Ernie Lane wrote:
>Not only that, it really pisses me off how the Republicans -- all of them 
>-- accept the Democrat premises.  Two examples: one, health care. The 
>Democrats say it needs fixing. The Republicans accept that, and then 
>debate how to do it. They ought to just say, no it doesn't.

         A simple refutation, Ernie, will never work. The Republicans need 
to say (and show) exactly why and how this claim is a gross canard. A 
shocking amount of people don't realize that it's a federal offense to be 
denied necessary medical treatment, based on ability/inability to pay. They 
have no idea of the numbers of destitute people who use the Emergency Room 
of their local hospital in place of routine doctors visits. My wife is a 
nurse and I can safely say that the annual write-off in my little podunk 
town of 18k population, is roughly $2-mil in bad debt for her employer. I 
can just imagine how much is lost by hospitals in major metropolitan areas.

>Two, global warming. The Republicans ought to just say that man-made 
>global warming is a hoax, and _anything_ done to combat it is a waste of 

         Absolutely...................I heard a newscast this afternoon 
that a "Greenhouse Database" (consisting of a log of the worst polluters) 
will now be created. I nearly drove off the road....................

>The same with "climate change"; the Republicans ought to just say that 
>it's always existed and so forth, and while you might be able to do some 
>localized, short-term things to affect _weather_ (like seeding clouds), we 
>can't do anything to stop climate change, so again, anything done is a 
>waste of resources.

         Climate change, according to latest scientific data, is closely 
linked to sun spot activity and this information is being suppressed by the 
"Eco-Freaks" who are out to destroy capitalism.

>Instead they get involved in a discussion about _how_ best to "tackle the 
>problem," when they ought to say there isn't one.

         Absolutely right, Ernie. Nobody down here is God, now are they?!?

John Q.
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