OReilly on dead aborticide doctor.

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri Jun 26 20:54:00 MDT 2009

At 02:12 PM 6/26/2009, Carl Spitzer wrote:

>   "No question Dr. Tiller has blood on his hands. But now so does 
> Governor Sebelius. She is not fit to serve. Nor is any Kansas politician 
> who supports Tiller's business of destruction. I wouldn't want to be 
> these people if there is a Judgment Day. I just -- you know ... Kansas is 
> a great state, but this is a disgrace upon everyone who lives in Kansas. 
> Is it not?" --Fox News Personality, Bill O'Reilly, demonizing Dr. Tiller 
> who was murdered in his church over the weekend.

         Call me dumb, but I cannot understand how a man can commit murder 
for a living and then attend church on Sunday, like nothing has ever 
happened. People may ask what the difference is between what Tiller did and 
the people who work in the penal system, executing people on death row. 
There is a HUGE difference. A baby has not broken the law nor taken away 
the life of another. Prisoners aren't placed on death row unless they've 
committed some heinous crime that usually involves murdering their 
victim(s). The old axiom being, "You've taken away the life of an innocent 
person. You'll now pay for that crime with your own life." Doesn't this 
place a value on innocent life?

John Q.

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