OReilly on dead aborticide doctor.

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At 12:39 AM 6/27/2009, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>Churches are FILLED with hypocrites of all colors, sizes, shapes, and 
>degrees of their hypocrisy.

         Good point............I'm no saint by any stretch. Not even close. 
But such people make me feel the need for an immediate shower.

John Q.

>>         Call me dumb, but I cannot understand how a man can commit 
>> murder for a living and then attend church on Sunday, like nothing has 
>> ever happened. People may ask what the difference is between what Tiller 
>> did and the people who work in the penal system, executing people on 
>> death row. There is a HUGE difference. A baby has not broken the law nor 
>> taken away the life of another. Prisoners aren't placed on death row 
>> unless they've committed some heinous crime that usually involves 
>> murdering their victim(s). The old axiom being, "You've taken away the 
>> life of an innocent person. You'll now pay for that crime with your own 
>> life." Doesn't this place a value on innocent life?
>>John Q.
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