OReilly on dead aborticide doctor.

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sun Jun 28 07:50:52 MDT 2009

John A. Quayle wrote:
> At 02:12 PM 6/26/2009, Carl Spitzer wrote:
>>   *"No question Dr. Tiller has blood on his hands. But now so does 
>> Governor Sebelius. She is not fit to serve. Nor is any Kansas 
>> politician who supports Tiller's business of destruction. I wouldn't 
>> want to be these people if there is a Judgment Day. I just -- you know 
>> ... Kansas is a great state, but this is a disgrace upon everyone who 
>> lives in Kansas. Is it not?"* --Fox News Personality, Bill O'Reilly, 
>> demonizing Dr. Tiller who was murdered in his church over the weekend.  
>          */Call me dumb, but I cannot understand how a man can commit 
> murder for a living and then attend church on Sunday, like nothing has 
> ever happened. 

Easy.   He didn't think there was anything wrong with what he was doing.

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