These 8 Republicans need to go

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The Cap and Trade  carbon tax is nothing more than a very expensive effort to make our portion of the swimming pool a "no pee" section.   Everyone else in the world is still allowed to pee in the rest of the pool, and pay less to do it.   U.S. workers and employers pay more to use the pool, but some can  still pee in our end if they buy "pee credits" from those in the other end of the pool......     The need to rush this badly flawed bill though the House  is less clear than the pool water will soon be.  

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> These are the eight Republicans who voted for the cap-and-trade bill in 
> the House: Reps. Mary Bono (Calif.), Michael Castle (Del.), Mark Kirk 
> (Ill.), Leonard Lance (N.J.), Frank LoBiondo (N.J.), John McHugh (N.Y.), 
> David Reichert (Wash.) and Christopher Smith (N.J.). As you know, the 
> bill won by seven votes, and these eight _ensured_ passage and deserve 
> all the blame and calumny they get. 
> If any of you are in their districts, I encourage you to volunteer for 
> their GOP opponents. They don't deserve reelection, no matter what else 
> they do. I would hope that their replacements are from the GOP, but it 
> really doesn't matter. 
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