Have you been watching ...

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Mon Jun 29 12:38:40 MDT 2009

The same ersatz pop culture that elevated Jackson to stardom also gave us the Obamanation.  I remember that Yoko Ono was selling her belly button lint for 25 cents a capsule in vending machines based on the notion that Americans will buy anything if it is marketed effectively.  Time for our folks to stop being "had."

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From: Richard Whitenight <rwhitenight2004 at GMAIL.COM>
Subject: Have you been watching ...
Date: Monday, June 29, 2009, 1:41 AM

... any of the news reports on the Michael Jackson memorials?

I've been watching a lot of people shedding tears over the death of
this freak/pedophile.  These people do not have a life <g>.  Radio
announcers call Jackson's demise an "untimely death".  I'm not sure
I've heard of a "timely death" :-].

Hoping everyone had a great weekend?

Richard Whitenight
Arlington, Texas
"God Bless America and our Men & Women in Uniform"

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