Ammunition Accountability Act

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 1 23:55:42 MDT 2009

We drafted a special report regarding the Ammunition Accountability act 
that you NEED to download, review and share. Get it 

Also you don't want to miss these special Second Amendment webinar 
broadcasts we have scheduled for next week. We'll be joined by the experts 
to discuss the threats to our Second Amendment rights and what we can do to 
protect them.

Michael Badnarik 3pm-4pm EST Tuesday May 5th (confirmed)
Larry Pratt  3pm-4pm EST Wednesday May 6th (confirmed)
Edwin Vieira 3pm-4pm EST Thursday May 7th (confirmed)
April Renee (Vaccine/Pandemic Info)3pm-4pm EST Friday May 8th (confirmed)

We're setting up this link 
so you can tune in, it's not ready now but will be next week.  See you then!

Forever in Freedom,

Gary Franchi

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