The President will nominate ...

Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 2 06:56:03 MDT 2009

Richard Whitenight wrote:
> ... a Supreme Court Justice by October of this year.
> I heard a morning talk show host ask whether the nominee should be a
> Hispanic, woman or both. I would go further and recommend that he
> nominate a Biracial Hispanic/Black Liberal Lesbian. This would kill 5
> birds with a single stone..

All kidding aside, I hope one of the Republicans on the Judiciary 
Committee has the cojones to require that any nominee they vote out of 
committee is (1) a qualified jurist, and (2) will base his decisions on 
the Constitution.  We have to be resigned that the nominee with be 
strongly leftist, but we don't have to accept any predilection to use 
"international norms" or anything like that, or "economic justice," 
"life experiences" or anything like that, either.

There is no reason the next Supreme Court justice can't be a liberal who 
respects the Constitution.  The Republicans should hold firm on that.

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