Ernie Lane ernielane at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 2 06:57:28 MDT 2009

Richard Whitenight wrote:
> By now you've heard the VPOTUS advise that he would tell his family
> not to take any form of transportation that provides a close
> environment, which would include bus, rail and airplanes.
> What you haven't heard are the newest recommendations:
> °  If it should become necessary to be in close proximity with either
> a Hispanic or Mexican national, immediately wash your hands, his/her
> hands, wear gloves, place a paper bag over their head and your's if
> you have an extra, and shoot any pig they may be in possession of.

Colbert always comes through.  He wanted to look at obama's first 100 
days in a new way, so he took a look at obama:  the first 14 Mondays.

He mentioned a Monday in March when he signed the Executive Order on 
embryonic stem cell research.  He said, "You can't blame obama for that 
one.  He's desperate to find a cure for whatever is wrong with Joe Biden."

As Biden told Matt Lauer, "I've had it with these mother-f**king sneezes 
on this mother-f**king plane."

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